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Armpass Management Team

Armpass has a professional team that is rich in experience, having been involved in various projects in the fields of water, building, bridge and road works for over 18 years.

Over the years,because of the need to provide complete solutions to the changing dynamics in the construction industry, Armpass has undertaken a number of design-build projects, where we undertake the project from the design stage up to the implementation of the construction phase. This is epecially necessary where the implementation period is limited by time constraints.

Our technical team forms the core of Armpass’ operations. With the guidance and support of our Directors, a Contracts manager deputized by a Technical Coordinator heads the team.

Below them is a team of Technical Officers who are based in the field. These serve as site agents who are responsible for the Electricians, Plumbers, Mansons and Porters who carry out the actual ground work in construction.

However the team combines efforts with the administrative staff at Head office to ensure timely completion of all projects.