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Armpass Technical Services Ltd was incorporated in October 1997 in Uganda as a limited liability company registered under the Ministry of Justice and constitutional Affairs.

It was started by three young, talented and innovative professionals in the construction industry to offer quality-engineering services.

We have excelled in our relationships with our clients and in timely completion of projects throughout the country.

In line with our tradition of quality production, we aspire to be master builders. As such, we spend quality time and energy building the foundation of Armpass that will be prospering for generations to come. Our code of conduct speaks for us and is integral in our continuing efforts to build the character of the Armpass team More...

Our Partners

   Griffith Elder    UNABCEC    UNRA

Our Services

From cutting-edge construction facilities to complex transit weigh bridges, we are proud to deliver projects that shape our communities and strengthen our nation's infrastructure. Our services range from Building and Civil Engineering works, Plumbing and drainage works, Steel fabrication works that include reinforced works, windows, metal grills and all kinds of burglar proofing.